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In the Andes Mountains of Peru, the highlands are home to breathtaking views, harsh conditions, and the majority of the world's alpaca population. Alpaca farming is an ancient tradition for many Peruvians living in the mountains. The animal was worshipped during the Incan empire and the fiber was said to be 'from the gods'.

Fair Fiber is proud to make our fabric with source our alpaca fiber directly from the farmers who live and work with the herds everyday. We've partnered with a cooperative of over 2,000 small-scale farmers that offer fair-trade certified wool. Because the money goes directly to the co-op members, and not into the pocket's of middle men, each farmer makes 20-30% more per kg of fiber than they would normally. 

As members of this cooperative, farmers are provided with services that help increase their capacity to sell high-quality fiber. Things like, medication for sick animals or seed for grassland improvement so the alpacas have better feed. This all results in higher quality wool and a higher income for their families. 

We spent three months this past summer living with, working with, and mostly, learning from these warriors and their herds. We experienced their strength, resiliency, and smarts, but most of all, 

their willingness to welcome as part of the pac.   

We'd like to extend their kindness and welcome you to the pac. Click below to experience the beauty.